Wednesday 17 December 2014

A Doll and a Daughter

Meet Rosie...
She’s three months old now and discovering new things that she can do each day. I can safely say that Rosie and her big brother are my two best ever creations, even if my body did go through the mill whilst I was pregnant.
We have been showered with many gorgeous gifts and good wishes. We feel so lucky to have such generous friends and family. One of my favourite gifts for Rosie has to be her ‘Curious Clare’ (mummy!) doll commissioned by Jo Cushing from talented local maker, Sally Leigh. Sally is the owner of Folksy shop, Betsy Boo and Gracie Too, where she sells her ‘unique cuddlers for the unique dreamer’.
The doll is beautifully made and perfectly captures Curious Clare’s style, from the tiny bird in her denim jacket to the brightly patterned Desigual skirt. I just love it and I am sure that Rosie will too when she’s old enough to play with her. 

I’m just hoping that Rosie doesn’t stick pins in the doll when she’s a teenager and we’ve had a heated disagreement. Ouch!
And here's the first 'Curious Clare' doll knitted for me by my lovely grandma when I was a little girl. Oh what fun we're going to have playing with these two dollies!

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