Wednesday 2 May 2018

A Modern Day Re-Telling of Hansel and Gretel

Hello, I've been up to allsorts since I last blogged and launched Bus and Bird Arts. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start recording projects on here again!

First up, we have a 'Modern Re-Telling of Hansel and Gretel' told in puppet form for Artcore's Innocence and Expression project. Innocence and Expression is a BBC Children in Need funded project that empowers young people (8–18yrs) through creative activities.

I approached the Innocence and Expression project via six mixed media puppetry workshops resulting in a short performance in front of friends and family by the young people involved. Puppetry is a superb medium to promote confidence and a powerful means of bringing stories to life. From experience, puppets can break down barriers and encourage the quietest of children to start talking. The making sessions focused on the creation of puppets in both two and three-dimensions. The performance sessions  examined puppet performances (taking account of how sets, props and characters work together), before participants collaborated on the storytelling and performance aspects. The final puppet show provided a fantastic opportunity for the young people to celebrate their creations and performance skills - everyone was involved and it was absolutely fantastic to see. 
Script and project imagery
Horace - the grumpy shopkeeper I created especially for the project