Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Upcycled Bottle Top Necklaces

Recently, I have been having lots of fun making and developing new items of ceramic jewellery. As a lover of fine ales, I have long thought that the humble bottle top is a rather beautiful item and reminds me of a pendant setting. 
Developing a new product range

As I have been collecting them for a while (much to my family's amusement!), I decided it was time to use them. Playing around with off cuts of clay and coloured slip resulted in small circular discs which fit neatly inside the bottle tops. Once bisque fired, I glazed the discs and then fired them for a third time with a ceramic decal. After a bit of fiddly and frustrating drilling (the drill bit kept slipping off the curved surface of the metal. Grrr!) and the addition of an ‘O’ ring, I found that I had created a rather lovely upcycled bottle top and ceramic pendant necklace. They’re still at the prototype stage but I hope to stock them in my online shops from January 2014.