Tuesday 1 October 2013

Off to Market

On Sunday 15th September I hired my first ever stall at Altrincham Vintage, Handmade & Producers' Market. It was a cold, wet and blustery day although the heavy rain held off until the afternoon.
In all honesty, having a market stall was completely out of my comfort zone. The thought of it made me feel exposed and vulnerable (whereas 30 hormonal teenagers in a classroom doesn’t – strange!). However, I knew that it was important to reach a wider audience and so with trepidation I set off with my creations packed into my little car.

My work can also be found on Etsy, Folksy & What I Always Wanted
Once I was at the market and had my stall set up, I started to relax and found that I was actually enjoying myself. It was really good fun and I had a great time. I loved the friendliness of the other stall holders and appreciated their advice. I also enjoyed chatting with people visiting the market and talking about my work.
1. Ox Eye Daisy 2. Lanna Yo 3. Goodnight Boutique 4. Flour Water Salt 5. Beagle N Thread      6. For England & St George 7 Philippa Lightburn 8. Parrot in the Pantry
Things I learnt:

1. I am not a good business woman as I spent all my takings on other stalls. Although, this is a good thing for the local economy! There is a lot of fantastic talent out there in my local community.
2. I need more height in future stall displays so that the eye is led across the various items, plus objects at different heights make the stall look more attractive.
3. Upcycled items are very popular, as are small items. People seem to enjoy rummaging through boxes and baskets for treasure.
4. People were browsing for Christmas and lots of business cards were taken with this in mind.
5. In future, I would like to have a greater variety of products on sale that show a wider range of my skills. I did not have any ceramic items or illustrations on sale. However, I can’t be too hard on myself as there’s only so much time to produce art when I have a full time job!

All in all, it was great fun and I thoroughly recommend selling at a market or fair.

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