Monday, 22 July 2013

The Lonely Ice Cream Van

This is the lonely ice cream van that inspired me to make a range of fun, summery brooches.

We saw it whilst visiting Robin Hood's Bay beach on a grey and blustery morning. Robin Hood’s Bay is a stunning fishing village on the North Yorkshire coast. The village has an abundance of idyllic cottages packed into rabbit warren style streets that wind their way down to the beach. As it was low tide, the van was parked on the beach with an occasional holiday maker walking by. It looked so out of place on such a grey day. I was amused and impressed by the ice cream man’s determination to sell frosty delights in all weathers!
Once I returned home I decided to create a cheerier version of the ice cream van taking inspiration from older, vintage models. I've always loved ice cream vans as they are such an iconic symbol of British summer time and they bring back childhood memories of happy days spent on the beach.
An ice cream van adorned with pattern and colour could cheer up any dull day!
If you have a moment, you might like to take a peek at my Etsy and Folksy shops where you can find three different colourways of the brooch for sale.
My 9 year old self enjoying the British seaside!

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