Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The First Cut – Students’ Responses

The teacher’s preview evening of ‘The First Cut’ exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery included the opportunity to work with artists Nicola Dale and Andrew Singleton. Initially, the artists gave us an overview of their work to date and afterwards delivered workshops where they shared their secrets with us!
  This proved to be great fun and it was beneficial to us all as educators to be in the position of a learner for a change! I enjoyed the workshops so much that I took the ideas back to school and challenged my Year 12 students to take Nicola and Andrew’s ideas on board. Students were shown the artists’ work and after a demonstration were asked to work in small teams to explore the qualities of paper. 
Students initially experimented with different techniques ranging from piercing and slicing to rolling and wrapping. They were then asked to use the best of their ideas to create a group piece that could be hung in the style of Andrew Singleton. Their homework task was to take an old Manchester Art Gallery guide and create a small sculpture from it, as Nicola had asked us to do during her workshop. They were given the theme of water as the old guide was for a watercolour exhibition. One of the results of this task can be seen below. 
  It is interesting to see that this paper workshop and exhibition are still influencing students today as they work towards their final submission for Unit 3. I look forward to seeing the end results and would like to say a big thank you to Manchester Art Gallery, Nicola and Andrew for delivering such an inspirational session back in July.


  1. What a fabulous ship! You can always rely on our students to produce something magnificent. A lovely post too, as always.

  2. Thanks Sue! The student who produced the ship is making a paper animation which should be fab too.

  3. I absolutely loved this exhibition. It's great to read your post about it.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, it was great to see so many artists I like in one space. Sad it has gone now!