Monday 17 September 2012

The Built Environment

Featured here are various contemporary artists who have studied the 'built environment'. The artists, ranging from illustrators to surface pattern designers, work in a linear or graphic drawing style and have used block colours in a considered manner. The artists work in different, exciting and inspirational ways that take account of their own personal reactions to their observed environments.
Alice Melvin - Illustrator and Designer who uses line, intricate pattern and flat pretty colour in her work
Jessica Hogarth - Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer with a focus on line and vibrant block colours
Eve Broadhurst - Textiles Artist and Illustrator with a graphic style and a love of soft pastel palettes
a-side studio -  Graphic designers using a bold, graphic illustration for the new Heartlands heritage site in Cornwall

Robert Samuel Hanson - Illustrator with a love of vibrant colour and geometric shapes. I love the contrast of black, silhouette like buildings with bright splashes of coloured shapes to pick out details.
Neil Dimelow - Architect, teacher and artist with an energetic line drawing style and use of earthy pastel shades

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